Do you like it? Hell yeah.


Eagle Staff

The first day of school was just the same as years past, but that changed during the class meetings held after B period on Aug. 12.

Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B., gave a rousing speech ultimately ending it with reinstating the “Hell Yeah” cheer.

As Fulton revealed that the cheer was being given back, students took to their feet and hollered. The student body was overjoyed to find out that its beloved cheer was back.

The cheer was taken away abruptly by previous Principal Rev. John Huber, C.S.B., for reasons that remain to be known.

Even though the cheer was banned, students continued to chant the words. This caused many kids to get in trouble, and the administration soon figured out a way to cut down on the rogue cheerers. They identified the senior leaders at various games and events and made it clear that punishment would follow if the chants continued.

Changes in the school chain of command raised many questions at the beginning of the year as to what the new principal would bring. It is clear to us that Fr. Fulton understands the importance of established traditions. We are excited at this surprise beginning to the year.

With the restoration of a classic cheer, we feel as if a bond of trust has been established between the students and school administration. All students now need to honor it. Play by the rules and in the end we will all benefit.