Texas governor makes run for Presidency


by Nick Lednicky

On Saturday, Aug. 13, Rick Perry officially announced that he will be running for President of the United States. Since then, Perry has rocketed to the top of the Republican polls and, in turn, has become the most likely candidate to represent the Republicans in the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

The official polls mirror the polls of students, with Rick Perry as the clear front runner, followed by Herman Cain. Of 25 random juniors and seniors surveyed, 14 (56%) said they support Rick Perry to be the Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential election. 4 (16%) students said they would vote for Herman Cain, followed by 2 (8%) saying their allegiance goes to Mitt Romney.

Perry claims he wants to “get America working again,” declaring “we do not have to accept our current circumstances.”

His conservative views manifest themselves in his political agenda and policy. Perry is a social and fiscal conservative, and many Americans are saying that is exactly the kind of person we need in office.

Perry has faith in his fellow Americans, and says that the change we seek is not reliant upon the people in Washington, but “patriots who will not be consigned to a fate of less freedom in exchange for more government.” According to my dad, America’s morale and pride has declined in the last two decades. I think it’s time that we revive that American pride. We need to be proud we are Americans, not sorry.

The idea of an American patriot is now an idea of a xenophobe. In this world of political correctness, it is impossible to have or display any pride without somebody else being terribly devastated. Rick Perry is a red-blooded American patriot who loves his country above all else but God, and that is exactly the kind of person we need to lead this country.

Many St. Thomas juniors, and all of the seniors, will be eligible to vote in the 2012 Presidential election. Voting is an absolute necessity for the democracy of America to reach its full potential. It doesn’t matter who the students vote for, it matters that they vote. You can’t logically complain about an elected official’s policies if you did not even participate in the election of that official. “To be a true American you have to vote,” said Junior Greg Hoffman, “it’s the only way democracy can flourish.”

Will Rick Perry be President? Who knows. Perry sure thinks so. No one will know until November of 2012.