Actors to present ‘George Washington Slept Here’ in October


by Sutter Sharp
Eagle Staff

Just about everyone knows who Dan Green is.

He is the iconic and entertaining, sometimes quick-tempered, but overall moral theater teacher. You might know him from your English, speech or theater class – and what a great guy he is.

But what you might not know is how hard Green works at director of the theater program. On top of his duties as a teacher and grading papers, Green always directs the fall and spring productions. Last year in the spring, students performed “Macbeth” which was a huge success and required a lot of hard work.

This year in the fall he will be directing the play “George Washington Slept Here.” When asked why he chose to do this play, he immediately said it was because he loved the writers of the play, Moss Hart and George Kaufman.

Actors previously performed two other plays by these writers, “The Man Who Came To Dinner” and “You Can’t Take It With You,” both of which were hit hits for their laugh-out-loud moments.

“George Washington Slept Here” is about a man named Newton Fuller who decides to buy “a little place in the country to call his own.” He and his family are persuaded to buy this windowless, waterles, and almost roofless house that, according to rumor, is where George Washington slept.

Many problems emerge such as the search for water, quarrels with the neighbors and the invasions of the weekend guests. The play features wacky characters and difficult yet amusing situations.

When junior Chris Patton, who plays the role of Mr. Kimber, was asked what most excited him about it, he smiled.

“It will be really funny,” Patton said.

He has been in four other productions and realized he like liked acting when he was in sixth grade. His favorite thing about doing theater is simply the people. He enjoys hanging out with his friends.

Besides Green and all the actors, there are many other people who are involved and are helping out with this production.

Rev Jim Murphy, C.S.B., is the assistant director, and senior Eric Larson is the student assistant director. Kevin Sheil, Buddy O’Connor and Steve Green, who are all alumni, are helping out with the production, too. Meg McDonald, a St. Agnes alumnus, is an assistant to Green as well.

Students who wish to get involved in this wonderful experience should talk to Green or Murphy. Students can help with things like set-build, set crew or other play-related activities.

“We get all these people from different walks of life coming together to accomplish a certain goal,” Green said. “I get the rugby players, the valedictorians and the ones who know [Dean of Students Mike] McConnell the best.”