Student council off to impressive start


Staff Editorial

This year Student Council has been trying to set a new standard for what they can do to make the school year better.

So far, they have done exactly that.

For seniors, they have quickly come up with the best senior shirt design there has been in several years and have come up with a great list of privileges.

Off-campus lunch was just allowed, and soon the normal privileges such as iPods in study hall and dress down Fridays will be enacted, but there are some new ones this year that have not been on the list in previous years.

On a day to be determined, seniors will have a send-off party during lunch. Additionally, seniors have the privilege of skipping the lunch line and being served first in the cafeteria on every other Friday.

School spirit has also changed a whole lot since this year’s seniors were freshmen.

Pep rallies, even though it is hard to make them too exciting, have been good so far and the hope for a good season out of the football team has helped change the atmosphere. Themed home football games were introduced at the game against Episcopal, with a Hawaiian “Lerch Island” dress code.

Throughout the season there will be a theme for each home game to try to get more fans at Granger Stadium on Friday nights.

It is good to see Student Council take charge and try to get things done quickly and do things more efficiently. In years past, seniors and the school in general have been disappointed by things like privileges and the number of Walk-a-thon events that actually take place, but this year will be different.

With leaders such as Danny Amsler, John Mouton, and Matthew Sorrels this year is guaranteed to be one of the better ones in recent history for student activities on campus, and hopefully the senior class will set a standard for student councils in the future.