Electives offer upperclassmen interesting alternatives


by Alex Mowatt-Larsen
Eagle Editorial Board

By junior year, most students get more of a say in their schedules.

While some who are incredibly academically driven may double up on science or drop a study hall, many leave the open spots for electives.

These can be some of the most fun and interesting classes you will take in high school.

When looking for a good elective to take a break from your rigorous array of AP’s and BC Calculus, there is a plethora of options to choose from in many different subjects.

Two of the most popular electives for juniors and seniors are the two history electives, US in Conflict and US in World Affairs.

Both taught by Coach Mills, they are not only more interesting than your normal history class but teach you many things too.

Having taken both of these classes, I can attest to the fact that they have been the classes that you look forward to during the day, not ones you dread walking into.

US in Conflict is an elective about military history in the United States, and you examine many of the most important battles in American history, such as Gettysburg, and get the privilege of watching movies such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “Last of the Mohicans.”

US in World Affairs is a political studies class, which provides insight into foreign policy heavy events such as the Cold War.

Senior Brandon Grice took US in World Affairs his junior year. “World Affairs was awesome! We got to watch Dr. Strangelove,” Grice said.

Instead of the normal tests, grades can consist of debates over certain events in history and risk assessments of current countries towards the United States.

Both these classes provide a fun and interesting one-semester elective you will not regret taking.

If you are not a fan of history, the fine arts provide classes that are relatively easygoing and develop your art skills.

Two of the most popular among upperclassmen are Ceramics and Photography.

Both of these classes have a Photography II and Ceramics II, allowing you to master your pottery or fine tune your photo taking abilities.

Senior Hunter Haas said about Photography, “I love the class because Thorn Crowley and Parker White are amazing photographers.”

Computer Applications is required sophomore year, but junior year there are several options to fulfill your second technology requirement.

Web Design is taught by Mr. Dundee and gives you the opportunity to learn how to use the program Dreamweaver and create two of your own websites on a topic of your choice.

The words “The Striped Umbrella” will never mean the same thing to you again.

Finally there is the class that brings you what you are currently reading, Publications.

The only year-long elective, you get to write articles for “The Eagle” and work on the Aquin, our yearbook.

Editing pages, writing, and taking pictures are all things that you can do for both the paper and the yearbook.

When looking at electives to choose, always consider who teaches the class and if you will actually enjoy it. Electives are your chance to put a class into your schedule that is relaxing instead of stressful.