Administration employs students to help select McConnell’s successor


Dean of Students Michael McConnell’s retirement has launched the administration’s search for someone qualified enough to step up and succeed his great legacy.

The school has not only been weeding through current faculty applicants but has also been conducting interviews with people outside the school.

McConnell has set the bar pretty high for whoever is to take his place. The administration recognizes that the decision of who to replace him will not be an easy one and especially not without a rigorous interviewing process. Along with other

members of the administration, Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B. has asked senior Matthew Sorrels and junior Greg Hoffman to take part in the interviewing process to ensure the best fit for the job is hired.

“I think it is important to have students a part of the interviewing process because we deal with a completely different side of the dean of students than the administration does, and his or her job requires a different kind of relationship with students than a coach or teacher,” Sorrels said.

Those applying for the job have a few minutes to say a little bit about themselves before they are put through a 45-minute interrogation.

Sorrell says that he asks questions directed at finding out the candidate’s experience and to see which values the candidate shares with McConnell that he believes are what make him such a great dean of students.

Sorrels declined to comment on which current faculty members had applied for the job, explaining that he has been asked not to reveal the names of those persons.

While the future dean of students does still remain a mystery, Sorrels had one thing for students to keep in mind.

“The next Dean of students is still going to be on us for shaving and shirt tails tucked in, if not more,” Sorrels said.