Facebook dominates field with best features


by Alex Mowatt-Larsen
Eagle Editorial Board

Facebook has undeniably become the biggest and most popular social networking site ever created.

In its inception, it was no different from MySpace, only more mature and clean-cut.

It was a site mostly used by college kids who had been involved with the site since its Ivy League beginnings, but within the next several years, it exploded.

The whole point of Facebook is to be able to interact with your friends in a way that is totally different than anything else.

When using it in good taste and not obsessively it can be a useful and cool way to stay socially active, which explains why it has been so popular.

As a result, major companies have created and advertise their own Facebook pages in order to communicate new products and ideas easily and effectively.

For some of you, you are unlucky enough that your mom has an account, or in some cases even your grandma.

Although this may be an inside look into your personal life that you do not want those people to see, Facebook is still a much faster and painless way of communicating with your distant relatives than having to sit down and write a letter.

So what is it that makes senior citizens want a profile and major companies want to advertise on this site and not Twitter?

Well, the simple answer is Facebook just has more features.

Picture albums, status updates and checking-in at locations provide all the resources required for those of you who love to spend a couple hours some nights creeping on girls, due to the lack of them in your daily life.

It owns the iconic “Like”-ing, something that has undeniably become part of every high schooler’s vocabulary.

Twitter on the other hand has an exponentially smaller amount of users, leaving you with less of your friends to interact with.

It is limited to only several features which make it almost too simple and boring.

The only thing going right for Twitter is the amount of verified celebrity users, but often times they use them too much. It gets annoying scrolling through countless amounts of “retweets” from people you do not know and do not care about.

Chad Ochocinco, a wide receiver on the New England Patriots, is one of the most famous of the prolific Twitter users.

He can be seen asking his Twitter contingent whether he should buy his child Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3. Why do I care? I did not even know he had kids, or was even responsible enough to have them.

Twitter celebrities just give their “followers” a false sense of being cool and that they care about their fans, which in many cases they do not.

All this means is that there is not much substance to claiming Twitter gives you a better social networking experience than Facebook.

When it has its own movie with Justin Timberlake, Facebook is obviously something that is worth looking into if you are one of the rare people who does not own one.

Facebook is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Wondering the current “trending topic” on Twitter? #MyFavoriteBeyonceLyric