Reckling Rowdies, basketball team, share bright future


by Peyton Wilson
Eagle Staff

Start warming up your vocal chords and practicing those student section chants because things are about to get rowdy. Basketball season is here, and with basketball season comes the notorious Reckling Rowdies.

The Rowdies are a prime example of the overwhelming tradition and school spirit found at our school.

For transfer students and freshmen, basketball games really show them what being an Eagle is all about.

“When I first transferred into STH, everyone talked about tradition and school pride, but sadly the only time I saw a large percentage of the student body support athletics is when we played Strake in football,” senior Austin Fairchild said.

“But after my first encounter with the Reckling Rowdies, I really saw that Eagle Pride those people were talking about.”

The noise level given off by the Reckling Rowdies has obvious effects on both the home and visiting teams.

“When the crowd starts a chant, it really gets the blood flowing,” senior center Jeremy King said.

“They make me feel like part of the crowd, which pushes me to go out and play even harder.”

However, the visiting teams are not quite as fond of the Rowdies as King is.

There were multiple occasions last year, particularly the home opener against Kinkaid, which the entire school attended, where opposing players received technical fouls for retaliating against the student section’s chants.

“The purpose of the Rowdies is to get into the other teams’ heads and to put the fear of St. Thomas pride into the visiting team,” senior Anthony Hernandez said.

The Reckling Rowdies are led on and off the court by a group of seniors called senior rowdies.

This year’s senior rowdies are seniors Cameron Blackwood, Anthony Hernandez and Eric Martin.

Recently a Rowdies Facebook fan page was created in order to keep every student updated on basketball event information.

In addition to game updates, the Rowdies fan page holds a constant conversation about new chants and game theme ideas for upcoming games.

The first Rowdies Facebook fanpage was created last year, it saw immediate effects as attendance skyrocketed in the season’s following games.

This year’s senior rowdies decided to continue uniting the student body and the Reckling Rowdies over social networks such as Facebook.

Uniting over social networking has allowed for an extreme growth of Reckling Rowdy support over the past few years.

“I remember how crazy the student sections were from when my older brother was on the basketball team here at St. Thomas,” Hernandez said.

“But their craziness was nowhere near how crazy we have gotten.”

Some students have also suggested a basketball pep rally to formally introduce the basketball team to the student body, as well as showing all freshman and transfer students the chants they will be partaking in while in Reckling Rowdy attendance.

“I think it’s important that the underclassmen know the chants so we keep the Reckling Rowdy tradition going,” senior Jonathan Cohen said.

“If we were to have a basketball pep rally, then it would be extremely easy to get the freshman involved in the Reckling Rowdy cause, which is to hold it down in Reckling Gymnasium.”

Another suggestion is the possibility of scheduling another home basketball game during school hours.

Last year’s home opener against Kinkaid was the season’s only game during school hours, which the entire student body attended.

It was a roaring success, as the Kinkaid Falcons were shocked by the dominating and very intimidating volume that the Rowdies maintained throughout the entire game.

This is yet another year bound to be successful on and off the court for the Eagle basketball team, especially with the support and cheers of students in the Reckling Rowdy fan section.