Short tweets superior to pointless statuses


by Jesse Brackeen
Eagle Editorial Board

Twitter is an up and coming social networking and micro blogging website that will soon replace its archaic and annoying adversary, Facebook.

Look at the development of social networking over the years.

MySpace was the first noteworthy site, but it got too fancy for people, and people switched to Facebook. In the aftermath MySpace was bought out by Justin Timberlake and Specific Media.

Now Facebook has gotten a little too out of hand and the logical conclusion is that people will flock to a simpler social networking site: Twitter.

Recently Facebook has implemented a few changes that dramatically change a person’s Facebook experience.

Now instead of just seeing the news feed from your friends, you have access to seeing every single comment on every single status, picture, link or relationship change.

This is a new low for the site that succeeds in making every user appear to be a stalker.

Twitter stresses simplicity and ease of use while Facebook is becoming more and more challenging to use.

Twitter has many upsides to it.

First of all there are more active users of Twitter than Facebook.

According to, 52 percent of Twitter users tweet everyday while only 12 percent of Facebook users update their status.

Rather than have more users overall, Twitter has more users actively blogging. Meanwhile Facebook’s users, on the other hand, are too busy digging through every single photo album posted by girls they do not know.

Twitter allows you to read short snippets about the lives of those you follow.

Facebook however is a constant stream of the same people trying to get their friends to like their status and receive a sense of pride knowing that they are indeed as popular as they believe.

One of the best parts of Twitter is the fact that one can follow their favorite celebrities.

I personally follow my favorite athletes and musicians, and can say that it is pretty cool to read what is going down in their lives.

On Facebook you can like your favorite icons but usually a groupie is the one updating you about the celebs personal life.

All in all Twitter is the better website for micro blogging and interacting with those you care about, whether that be celebrities, friends or family.

Facebook is dying brothers. Similar to its predecessor MySpace, people will soon get annoyed by the endless updates that strain the ease of use, and people will turn to an easier medium: Twitter.

Twitter has already started to gain notoriety and it will soon because popular with our generation.

The hash tag has already become present in Facebook, while the practices of Facebook have not infected Twitter.

If you have never used twitter I highly recommend doing so.

It is easy to use and you can see what is going on in your favorite people’s life at the click of a button. #twitterbeatsFacebook