Hail to the Chief: A Storey-book Beginning

Rev. Kevin Storey, C.S.B., rallies students at a 2008 Round-Up assembly. Though he will not be reprising his role as Round-Up Coordinator, he will certainly shine just as bright in his new role as President of St. Thomas. Eagle File Photo.

by Nick Lednicky
Eagle Editorial Board

On Wednesday afternoon, the Board of Directors met to finalize the election of former geometry teacher and Round-Up coordinator Rev. Kevin Storey, C.S.B., as the next President of St. Thomas.

Storey will succeed current President Rev. Ronald Schwenzer, C.S.B., who has served in that role since 2006 as the school’s first.

Rev. Bob Glass, C.S.B., Superior of the Basilian Fathers at St. Thomas, reported the news to the board after Rev. George Smith, C.S.B., Superior General, and the Basilian General Council nominated Storey to the position on Nov. 14.

“I could not be happier,” Schwenzer said about his successor. “He is a very respected and loved priest, leader, teacher and preacher by all segments of the St. Thomas community.”

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Storey, who has been a Basilian since 1982, said he is very excited about becoming president, the role of which he will officially assume July 1.

“St. Thomas is an outstanding school,” Storey said. “It’s the best school that I’ve ever served.”

This December, Storey will complete his Master of Education in Administrative Leadership from the University of St. Thomas. This will be his third Master’s degree from a Catholic university.

Storey believes that this degree will give him a distinct advantage in leading the school.

“The degree has helped me see what things have worked in other schools and what things are really current in terms of educational ideas,” he said.

Storey, only the second president in the school’s 111-year history, has high hopes for the future.

“I’ve got tons of dreams,” he said. “If we didn’t have dreams, we’d never do anything.”

Storey says he hopes to see a greater scholarship program for students in need of financial aid, greater accommodations for students with learning disabilities and the extension of athletic and academic facilities.

He is particularly passionate about making financial aid for needy students as available as possible, as he attended Basilian High School in Toronto where he had to work on the weekends to help pay his tuition.

He also noted that he would love to see a state championship in football.

With these dreams, Storey already displays traits that are necessary of a leader, like realism and selflessness.

“I have huge dreams,” he said. “Part of it is making sure it’s not just an individual dream, but a school dream.”

He recognizes the need for perpetual adaptation to make the school the best it can be.

“Before, we could just have a classroom and a gymnasium,” he said. “Now, we need things like art facilities and a parking garage.”

This eye for the future will undoubtedly serve the school well, and Storey also has a conviction that while adapting and growing in new ways, the school will still stick to its traditions.

He believes tradition holds that a Basilian Father is the right person for the job of president.

“One of my important tasks is to pray for the school,” Storey said. “I think there is something important about having a priest in that role [of president], being a leader in prayer and a connection to our history and tradition.”

With his new appointment, Storey said that he will not be able to return to his more famous position as Round-Up coordinator and trusts that this year’s coordinator will continue the tradition in an excellent and exciting way.

Storey expects no immediate changes once he takes the helm in July, since the school is working so well as it is.

Huge dreams will have to wait until practicality dictates the manifestations of these dreams reasonable.

Needless to say, Storey is excited at the opportunity to be elected president of the school. Indeed, the student body, faculty and administration alike share this excitement with Storey.

His return will be a tremendous addition to the St. Thomas community and is sure to bring countless improvements and adaptations to the school while sticking to its religious and educational roots in teaching goodness, discipline and knowledge.