Do not begin vacation early


Eagle Staff Editorial

This year’s bizarre exam schedule may seem okay because a weekend in the middle of exam crackdown means extra time to study for what will likely be everyone’s most difficult exams, math and science.

You may think you will study during that weekend, but in all likelihood one of two things will happen.

One, you will say forget it and not study because the break is so close, or two, you will try to study but become quickly distracted and end up on Call of Duty all weekend.

Do not let yourself fall into this trap because the consequences will be detrimental. Not studying for a final is different than not studying for any old test. The information you think you remember will escape you, and you will have to spend a full hour and a half trying to figure out how you to solve those simple math equations that you learned at the beginning of the semester.

Reserve that final torturing weekend to review what you have already prepared. Work through your science and math reviews and create your own study guides in advance. By that weekend, all you will need to do is review it a couple times, and the semester ends smoothly.