Obama Administration Heavily Mishandles Situation in Libya


by Spencer Krumholz

Eagle Staff

Following the political speculation regarding the attack on the United States embassy in Libya, Muslims everywhere rebelled against a political satire of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Violence, bloodshed and rebellion dotted Islamic countries throughout the Middle East.

The embassy was attacked on Sept. 11, and our country’s administration, headed by President Barack Obama, blamed the attack on a controversial anti-Islamic trailer posted on YouTube.

The trailer featured the prophet Mohammed as a liar and an adulterer. Rebellions broke out throughout the Middle East. Muslims across the territory set ablaze pro-American buildings and chanted anti-American sayings.

Further investigation of the attack in Libya found that the strike was more than a coincidence. Evidence showed that the attack was most likely planned to be on 9/11. Ignorance of the evidence prior to the embassy attack led to the death of Chris Stevens, the Ambassador for the United States in Libya.

President Obama could not have handled the situation more poorly.

President Obama blamed the attack on the YouTube trailer, which most news sources say the Islamic citizens have barely even seen. Instead, he should have blamed this attack on his poor performance in foreign policy. Obama has avoided every major foreign political opportunity. Obama and his administration tried to apologize to the Islamic states, instead of chastising them for killing our own people.

The administration failed to realize that it was not the trailer that caused the strike, but pure hatred toward the U.S. that resulted in the terrorist attack that was planned to occur on September 11.

As news of the trailer spread, Muslims in Egypt, Libya and Syria used it as a scapegoat to cause destruction to American buildings and to kill pro-American political figures.

Obama’s administration avoided addressing these serious and insulting actions for some time. It is for this particular reason that the American people see the poor decisions that Obama’s administration has made.

Only with the removal of this administration can we ever extinguish the fire that is the anti-American sentiment in the Islamic states. Americans need to realize that the Obama administration is nothing but malicious. His foreign policy is one of many things that the voter must take into consideration in the upcoming election. Obama has been a coward in defending American virtues. He has truly failed us as a president. Come November we must eradicate the very thought of another Obama regime.