Orange ‘Violation’ Stickers Introduced to Flag Parking Infractions


by Graham Quinn
Eagle Staff

Starting on Monday, Oct. 1, students began receiving orange stickers on their cars for violating parking rules.

The stickers informed students that they are in violation of the rules that they must follow in order to park in the lot or garage.

The rules state that all students who park on campus must have a parking pass.

All students that park in the garage must park above the first floor, in order for visitors to park on that level.

Students who park in the lot are assigned a space, and they must park only in that assigned space.

Any violation of these rules will result in the offending student receiving an orange sticker on their car, telling them that they violated the parking rules, and that they need to report to the Business Office.

When the student comes to the business office, he is reminded of the rules, and his violation is put on record. Multiple parking violations result in Dean of Students Tim Clarkson being informed of the student’s offenses.

According to Vice President of Finance Eve Grubb, the offense of one student can affect many.

“What we see most often is that a student with a reserved parking space finds someone in his space, so he then parks in someone else’s space,” Grubb said. “This causes a domino effect.”

In order to stop this domino effect, students who find someone else in their spot should park in the garage, and then inform the Business Office of the violation.

Junior Christian Quinn was surprised to hear of the violation stickers.

“I didn’t even know that the school could give us tickets,” Quinn said.

Students were made aware of these rules when they bought their parking pass. The parking contract, which all students who park on campus signed, states the rules that are to be followed.

Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton C.S.B. hopes that these violation stickers will cause students to be more aware of the rules, and not violate them.

“I am of the opinion that students who have registered their vehicle with the business office and use our facility for parking have been given fair warning and they need to be notified that they are in violation,” Fulton said.

He believes that this is a much milder punishment than what happens in most parking lots throughout the city, where they would be towed.

Parking on the lot or in the garage is already costly to students. To park at school students have to pay a hefty $150. Students believe the price should be lowered.

“It should not cost me $150 to park at school. That’s just excessive,” junior Josh Mitford said.

The high cost and constant threat of receiving a violation sticker for even the smallest parking infraction may cause many future student drivers to not want to park on campus.