Respect, Etiquette Essential at Homecoming


by Luke Gorski
Eagle Staff

The fall season is a busy time for high schoolers. Football games are in full force, the first quarter is ending and homecoming is on people’s minds.

Homecoming is the highlight dance of the fall season, and men look forward to a wonderful night.

Even if you go to the dance stag the night will still be fun.

As for the people who do have a date there is a certain etiquette regarding the treatment of your date. As men of St. Thomas, we should all treat our dates with respect.

“When I dance with my date, I will dance with her as a gentleman,” sophomore Brian Stinaker said.

Treating your homecoming date with respect can mean many things. Among them is taking her out to a nice dinner before the dance or just pulling her chair out for her when she sits down.

For example, if you do end up taking your date to a nice dinner and you are in a group, then be sure to introduce her to anyone that she does not know there.

Doing this will show your date that you care about her and that you are not embarrassed to be seen with her.

One way to be sure that your homecoming date will have a fun time is to actually dance with her at the dance in an appropriate manner.

The manner in which you ask your date plays a big part in what she will think of you. You can go the easy and cowardly route, which is to send her a text message or even call her and wait for a reply.

But, if you really want to show some initiative or surprise, then ask her in person or even think of a creative idea.

Freshman Kyle Dunphy showed his courage, when he walked up to his future date in person and asked her to go with him. Not all people will even ask their date in person. For instance sophomore Brian Stinaker called his date to ask her to homecoming.

No matter what anyone says the girl that you ask would rather you ask in a creative way, instead of just a text message or phone call.

After the dance is when respecting your date goes up a step, because you will likely be going to an after party of some sort.

“Yeah, I’m going to a party after the dance,” junior Johnathan Wall said.

“It will be a complete rager, but whilst raging my face off I will be sure to take care of my date and make sure she is having fun too,” Wall said.

While at the after party, or if you are just taking your date home after the dance, be sure to talk to her about the night. That way you can know if she had fun with you, and you being man of St. Thomas, it will likely have been the best night of her life.

There is a big difference in how one would treat their homecoming date from freshman year to senior year.

First of all, during freshman year one will have to do a lot of trial and error on how to treat their homecoming date.

“It is different because when you are a senior, you will know exactly how to treat your date,” freshman Blake Steele said.

“When you are a senior you are able to drive your date to and from the dance, so that is one of the big differences. Also after the dance, you get to go wherever you want with your date,” senior Pearson Garnett said.

Often times, there is a noticeable difference in how freshmen are able to treat their dates in comparison to how seniors are able to treat their dates.

Following this advice and the flawless behavior of the seniors is the best way to learn how to treat a lovely homecoming date.