Open House participation a must


The annual Open House is met with much dismay from the current students who do not want volunteer and give up their Sunday.

With football and college applications, the temptation to not help out is very strong. Even though watching football is a great way to relax, volunteering at Open House is a responsibility that should not be ignored.

Open House is an extremely important day for our school. As students, it is our duty to help the school. Think back to your days as a undecided and confused eighth grader; for some, Open House is what makes and finalizes their decision to attend here. You can strongly influence a student and make an impact on their decision, that kind of power should not be ignored.

By accepting the request to volunteer, you are being selfless and bolstering the essence of our community. St. Thomas is about joining a brotherhood and a community and by joining in at Open House, you solidify that our community is more important than any lone person.

Be a true man of St. Thomas and answer the call to volunteer at Open House.