Dedication drives students to Eagle Scout honor


by Michael Reul
Eagle Staff

The highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America system, the Eagle Scout, is a most prestigious honor. Many students on campus have attained this rank through years of determination and service to the Boy Scouts and their community.

To become an Eagle Scout, one must be extremely motivated. Eagle scouts often join the boy scouts before middle school and go through years of boy scout education and service in order to become an Eagle Scout.

Senior Michael Prappas and Senior Joe Patterson have been a part of the boy scouts for over six years and are both Eagle Scouts. Senior Harrison Heck has been associated with the Boy Scouts of America since he was 3, along with fellow senior Christian Hill.

“Becoming an Eagle Scout was such an accomplishment because of all the years of dedication and work that went into it,” Prappas said. “The legacy and role models of Eagle Scouts in my troop before me kept me with it for those years.”

It takes many years to become an Eagle Scout as at least 21 Boy Scout badges are required and earned through spirit, service, and leadership.

“I stuck with it because I loved the experience of camping often and being with my friends,” Patterson said.

After becoming eligible for the rank of Eagle Scout, a scout must complete and Eagle Scout service project. These projects are meant to serve and benefit religious or social organizations or one’s community as a whole.

Senior Joe Patterson raised money to replace all the bunk beds in a local women’s shelter, Miryam’s Hostel. Senior Harrison Heck collected food for a local food bank.

Boy Scouts are a great way for young men to socialize and be educated on the outdoors. It also creates lasting memories and friendships throughout the years.

“My best memories of my time as a Scout are making lifelong friendships and taking on the outdoors with scouts in my troop, including Daniel Clay, Joe Patterson, and Patrick Dwyer,” Prappas said.

“Joining the Boy Scouts was one of the best decisions of my life,” Hill said.

The rank of Eagle Scout is an exceptional mark to add to one’s application or resumé. It is an honor that lasts a lifetime.

St. Thomas Eagle Scouts put a double meaning into the Eagle Scout phrase, “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”