Winter break opportunity to relax after hectic semester


by Alec Burns
Eagle Staff

Winter break is a long awaited opportunity for students and faculty to decompress from the rigorous Fall semester.

During these two weeks of freedom, many take advantage of going on exotic vacations around the world. Others prefer to stay home and spend time with friends and family.

Whatever the case, the students of St. Thomas have much to share from their time off.

“I went to Minnesota to go ice fishing with my cousins,” senior Patrick Dwyer said. “For New Year, I hung out with my cousins. It was a great time since we were all together.”

“The day after finals I went to Nicaragua with my family,” senior Daly Wood said.

“Although it was kinda under-developed, it was really nice to see another part of the world.”

Wood kept the spirit of New Year alive during his trip out of the country.

“Although there weren’t any fireworks, on New Year there was a big bonfire.”

Wood was one of the many students who went out of the country this winter break.

“I went to the Vatican on a European tour,” Junior Philip Alani said.

“We also went to Sienna, Rome, and Florence. We saw all of the museums, and went to a ton of Cathedrals.”

The trip proved to signify the importance of the foreign language department.

“There were a couple of opportunities to practice my French on the trip,” Alani said. “Almost everybody in Europe spoke some English though.”

While many families decided to go out of town this Winter, some students were perfectly fine with staying home.

“I hung out with my bros here at St. Thomas,” senior Pearson Garnett said.

“For New Year, I went to a party and had apple cider and cookies. Yeah it was fun.”

Obviously, the most important part of Christmas is family. Winter break is the perfect opportunity to visit members of one’s extended family that they do not usually get to see.

“I visited my grandparents in Naples, Flor.,” sophomore Jonathan Rzasnicki said.

“We were close to the beach, but we never got the chance to go.”

“I went to Colorado with my aunt, uncle, and a few cousins,” sophomore Julian Cassada said.

“I went sledding in Colorado, and it was amazing because we were knee deep in snow.”

Not only was this Cassada’s first white Christmas, it was the first time he has ever seen snow.

“It was awesome seeing snow,” Cassada said. “I can’t wait to go back next year so we can ski.”

Winter vacation was a time for family, fun, and new experiences, and offered a much needed break for both the students and faculty.