Will the real Tom Eagle please stand up?


by Mitch Harris
Eagle Staff

Throughout our school’s existence, the Eagle has been the symbol of our athletic program. Pride, strength and tradition are the qualities that exemplify Eagle athletics.

But when I look at our current logo, an image of an eagle’s head, I do not see the three qualities that define our student-athletes.

When I see the eagle head inside an oval, all I see is an eagle with a slight smirk on his face.

If I were a student outside of this school, I would just glance over it.

A plain eagle head does not capture my attention.

The problem with the logo is not that it shows too much, but it shows too little.

The eagle head also does not look like an eagle; that is, if the colors are changed. Currently located on the Eagles’ Nest press box on the baseball field, the eagle head logo is up for all to see.

The only problem with the logo is that the colors are wrong. Instead of a bald eagle with a white feathered head, the eagle has a brown head. The brown feathers resemble a falcon more than an eagle.

In our country, the eagle carries much more prestige than a falcon or a hawk.

To have such a generic logos representing such an elegant creature is not a good image for the school.

A primary logo should be all over a school and its merchandise.

It seems to me that the athletic program, as well as the booster club, prefers to use the “STH” monogram on most gear.

How many shirts have the Eagle head on it?

From my understanding, students prefer this monogram, which only consists of three letters, over our primary logo.

The one article of clothing I consistently see with the Eagle head is the brand new sweatshirt that has the eagle head, which hides inside of the STH logo.

Though a lot of students, including myself, would like to see the buffed-up Eagle of the past make a comeback, I do not think that it is the best option.

All I am proposing is that we rid ourselves of the eagle head logo that does not fully represent our school.

Sure, it represents our beloved mascot, but it does not have a feel to it that exemplifies our student-athletes.

What I would like to see is the school go back to the logo that was used before the buff eagle rolling up his sleeve – a Tom Eagle in a walking formation with a big “T” on his chest.

The throwback logo is everything that defines St. Thomas: strong, proud and traditional.

The plain eagle head has had its time as the symbol of our athletic program. Four years is an appropriate time frame to make a change.

Professional sports teams are doing it, so why don’t we? The Baltimore Orioles, the Houston Astros, the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets are just some of the many professional teams that have reverted back to the logos that they were so successful with in the past.

It gives the fans a feeling that their team is back at the top.

And given our recent success, especially in football, the athletic program is undergoing a renaissance of sports.

So if our athletic program is only getting better and football team truly is back on top, why don’t we bring back the real Tom Eagle?

The real Tom Eagle is one that defined St. Thomas as a powerhouse of Houston, a logo that will make alumni and Houstonians remember the times when St. Thomas was the best in the city – time when rivals feared us.

The Eagles are back on top; it is time for the logo to join them.