Columbian Squires set example for student body


by Alec Burns
Eagle Editorial Board

Group Photo

If one were to think of what group best represents the school, sports teams such as rugby and football come to mind.

Although these teams represent the student body through physical and athletic abilities, the spiritual aspect in which our school is based off is usually unfortunately overlooked.

The Columbian Squires truly convey the image of what it means to be a man of goodness, discipline and knowledge.

Not only do the Squires participate in off campus missionary trips and other service opportunities, they also lead by example in the hallways and through their actions.

“The Columbian Squires truly make up the catholic identity that St. Thomas stands for,” Director of Campus Ministry Martin Matulia said. “The Squires are the guys that carry the banner for the school that lets people know that yes, we are undeniably a Catholic school.”

Matulia is the Chief Counselor of the Squires, and he proctors every event that needs to be accompanied by a faculty member.

As the Director of Campus Ministry, Matulia takes pride in the fact that the Columbian Squires is an organization run entirely by the students.

“The thing I love to stress is that this is all student generated,” Matulia said. “It really fulfilled a need, as I always wondered if we could incorporate a student ministry within the overall structure of St. Thomas. The Columbian Squires have fulfilled that need.”

The squires are by far the largest club on campus, boasting 108 members with more inductees to come.

Not only is the Squire circle the largest in the school, it is one of the largest in the greater Houston area.

This organization has come a long way considering its humble beginnings.

“In the Spring of 2007, two students came up to me and wanted to establish a Squire circle at St. Thomas,” Matulia said. “14 guys made up our initial group.”

For the future, the biggest concern is finding another faculty member to help Matulia guide the Squires.

“I have to recruit a young faculty member that is a Knight of Columbus and have him carry the torch with me,” Matulia said. “Once this happens, we will be able to do more things and host more events.”

Not only do the Squires offer a numerous amount of service opportunities, they also demonstrate what it means to be a spiritual leader.

“Our motto, ‘esto dignus,’ means ‘be worthy,’” Matulia said. “With everything we want to do, whether it is service, vocation awareness, respect life or just simply being present at mass, we need to be worthy of the blessings Christ has given us.”

As a former football and baseball coach, Matulia has always had a constant influence as an instructor.

Although he is done coaching sports, the Columbian Squires have filled in for his passion.

“Any coach will tell you, the guys on your team have a special relationship with you,” Matulia said. “The Squires are now my team, and I could not be more grateful.”