Academics: Anything you can do, I can do better


by Carson Storie
Eagle Staff

In order to be fully prepared for college, students must first attend a prestigious high school.

To prepare for college in the best possible way, students should try to attend private, preparatory high schools. The decision of where to go to high school is an important one, as it will affect the next four years of a student’s life.

The application process involves answering personal questions and providing resumes, and culminates with the HSPT, the entrance exam for most private high schools in Houston. After students apply, the admissions team looks at HSPT scores, middle school grades and extracurricular activities to decide who to accept.

“First, and foremost, the admissions committee looks for students who want to attend St. Thomas and whose families are committed to their sons attending school,” Admissions Director Jon Moody said. “The more familiar they are with our campus and culture, the more confident we are that they know what it takes to succeed at St. Thomas.”

Prospective students are judged on how well they do at their middle schools.

“As far as academics go, we look for students who are doing well at their respective schools. Those are the students we want,” Moody said.

Because Houston is a huge city, students have a plethora of high schools to choose from. St. Thomas, a school grounded in more than 100 years of tradition and academic excellence, presents a very convincing argument for students to apply here.

St. Thomas is widely considered one of the best schools in the city. Our average SAT scores are as follows: 2020 for the top five percent, 2020 for the top 10 percent and 1930 for top 25 percent. The overall average score is 1725.

Last year, 24 students were recognized by the National Merit and Achievement Programs, and 18 out of those 24 received semifinalist or commended status. In the classes of 2009-2011, 13 students were National Merit finalists.

In addition, 100 percent of the graduates from last year’s class went to college. These are some very impressive statistics compared to our neighbors.

The average SAT score for public high schools in the state of Texas for the class of 2012 was a 1434. This score equates to a score of little above 60%. The national average was not much better, with a score of 1498. The average score of students at St. Thomas is well above these averages.

St. Thomas matches up very well against Strake Jesuit. Strake’s average SAT score for this year’s class is 1915. 24 students have been recognized by the National Merit Program; 13 are finalists and two are semifinalists.

Strake has an enrollment of 947 students, 217 more students than St. Thomas. This enrollment difference is likely the reason Strake has more National Merit Finalists than St. Thomas.

St. John’s is a school with very high academic standards and sets the bar for these statistics. The average SAT score for St. John’s in 2006 was 2185.

The school had an average of 47 National Merit Finalists for each year from 2000-2010. Out of an average class size of 130 students, this equates to 36% of the graduating class each year.

These statistics are very good and cannot be claimed by any other Houston area high school.

A graduate from St. Thomas compares extremely well with graduates from other Houston area high schools.

We are very well-rounded, respectable individuals. Colleges look for extraordinary academic success and extracurricular activities when evaluating applicants.