Cell phone use between classes punished too severely


Phones are a way of life in today’s generation. That being said, the way cell phone use is handled in school could be more reasonable.

If a student is caught using his phone in the hallways, it is immediately picked up and held in the Dean of Student’s office until the end of the day. It is logical to want a distraction-free environment during school hours; however the ban to check one’s personal device is lopsided.

A simple glance at a screen should not result in losing a phone for the day. This reaction would be understandable if a student was using their phone in the classroom, but checking a phone while walking to the next class should be no means for confiscation.

If phone use in the hall were causing bottlenecks or other serious issues, a simple request to put away the device would be effective. A more modern-day revision of the cell phone rules would be even better. If students can use tablets all day, cell phones should not be much different. We understand and agree that students should not be making phone calls between periods, but checking mail, Edline or even just the time of day are all acceptable – and responsible – uses.