Drama guild delights in Cold-War-era comedy


by Michael Pizzitola
Eagle Staff

During the weekend of October 11, the theatre program conducted the fall drama production, The Mouse That Roared. This play, adapted by Christopher Sergal, is based on the 1955 Cold War satirical novel by Leonard Wibberly. The play was directed by Dan Green and assistant directors Fr. Jim Murphy, C.S.B., and Mary Casarro.

The play is about the fictional small European Duchy of Grand Fenwick. The country decides to attack the United States in order to avoid bankruptcy.

Incidentally, the tiny nation defeats the mighty United States completely by accident and unintentionally also captures the world’s most powerful weapon, the Q Bomb. With the rest of the world at the tiny country’s mercy, Grand Fenwick forces all nations to have their nuclear weapons inspected by the “tiny twenty.”

In the end, a mad scientist disarms the bomb, but decides to keep this to himself in order to preserve world peace.

The drama program devotes months of time and effort into making these productions. There are only two plays per year due to the time it takes to make them happen.

Much like those who participate in after school sports, members of the drama program spend the majority of their time after school and on weekends preparing for a play.

“There’s a lot that goes into making a play, junior Collin Brant, who served as student assistant director, said. “Usually there are about seven to twelve weeks of practice and rehearsals every day of the week, and Saturday set builds where we have to create the set. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get a play going and to make it successful.”

Overall reception of the play has been highly positive. Many in attendance were very pleased with the actors and their performances. The play exceeded the already high expectations that were set last year. Attendance was high, as the seats in Cemo Auditorium were almost all taken.

Senior Marty Dang especially loved the play and the actors involved.

“The play was fantastic,” Dang said. “It was highly entertaining and very amusing. All the actors were fantastic, especially Tim [Nemec] and Wayne Babineaux. The set design was simple, yet suited the play.”

Green, who teaches English and directs the theatre program, was very pleased with how the play went and how his actors performed. In addition, he was happy that the audience responded well to the comedic parts of the play, which were timed well by the actors.

“I feel that the play went very well, and I am very pleased with the overall performance of the play,” Green said. “The audience responded well to the performance, and it was nice to hear them laughing. My actors did a great job performing with wonderful comedic timing and enthusiasm.”

Through talented acting and humorous wit, The Mouse That Roared exceeded expectations and yet again proved that the drama department rightfully takes its place among the most prestigious in Houston.