Fall Olympics provides recreational break from classes


By Michael Reul
Eagle Staff

Fall Olympics is a day for students to relax from their regular workload and have fun with their classmates and friends.
This year, despite the rain, was no different.
Student Council, with the help of Director of Student Activities Joe O’Brien and so many others, made the best of the situation.
Over the past couple years, the school has been experimenting with Fall Olympics in an effort to increase attendance and efficiency.
Fall Olympics was at one time a full day of school but often students saw this as an opportunity to sleep in or bring lunch to a sister school.
 Last year, many students were outraged to find that Fall Olympics would take place in the afternoon of a full day of school.
This year, Fall Olympics was held from 8 to 11 a.m. and students were free to go.
Not only was this a perfect amount of time for Fall Olympics, but it also achieved the goal of giving students a break from their classes.
Leading up to finals, Fall Olympics serves as a gateway for students to relieve stress and unwind.
 Some people still decided to take the day off. “I didn’t go,” senior Kyle Lozano said. “Was it fun?”
Others actually attended but were disappointed by the weather.
“It was a bummer that it rained,” senior Diego Gonzales said.
Sophomore George Michael was very verbose in his distaste of the morning.
“It was boring,” Michael said.
 Despite the weather, many students were able to have a great time at Fall Olympics.
While outdoor events such as football, volleyball and track were cancelled, events such as Meltdown, a Wipeout-esque inflatable, were able to adapt.
Basketball, dodgeball, Xbox and ping-pong were popular events.
 “I had a good time playing some ping-pong,” senior Rawlings Elam mumbled.
Those who did not want to participate in events could spectate, which proved to be enjoyable as well.
“My favorite part was watching the basketball tournament,” juniors Payton Pardee and Patrick Leyendecker said.
Whatever your take on this year’s Fall Olympics, one thing is unanimous: it is much better than sitting in class.