Reckling Rowdies bring school spirit, enthusiasm to basketball student section


By Kurt Hanson
Eagle Staff

Basketball season is here, and with basketball season comes the notorious “Reckling Rowdies.”
The Reckling Rowdies are a staple of St. Thomas basketball games. They provide comic relief and a strong fan base for our varsity team. They are infamous for being one of the loudest and creative high school fan bases in Houston.
The Rowdies are a prime example of the overwhelming tradition and school spirit found at school. They are especially regarded for their clever chants about the opposing team.
“Teach me mommy” is the favorite chant of sophomore basketball player Colin Jones.
“It really gets in the opponent’s head and it gets the crowd into it,” Jones said.
Colin’s brother, on the other hand, has his own personal favorites.
“Winning team, losing team,” and “I believe that we have won,” are favorites of sophomore basketball player David Jones.
The noise level given off by the Reckling Rowdies has obvious effects on both the home and visiting teams. Getting the crowd into the game is an integral part of the game and is the Rowdies’ most important task.
“The Rowdies have a lot of effect on the game; not only does it help us when [the Eagles] make a shot and they go crazy, but they get in the other teams’ heads and it makes them play worse,” Colin Jones said.
 “The Rowdies bring a whole new atmosphere to the game,” senior Travis Williamson said. “Our chants get the other teams’ players and fans frustrated, especially when we have the lead.”
 Some fans and opposing schools are not as enamored with the Rowdies as the Eagles.
The Rowdies have already gotten into a bit of trouble with visiting teams, who find the chants offensive.
For example, during the Strake game the chants got very heated and very personal to certain students. In the game against Memorial, the principal told the Rowdies not to use offensive chants towards their team.
“Goggles is not offensive, but is just a fact,” senior Anthony Stephenson said. “Memorial was lucky they were not playing us at home because we would get real rowdy in our own house.”
A group of seniors have recently made a Twitter account (@RecklingRowdies) in order to keep every student updated about basketball games and inform them about chants and theme ideas for upcoming games.
“We really need to get the students more involved in the Rowdies this year and make the games fun,” senior Will Aigner said. “We were lacking last year in my opinion.”
Aigner believes that in order for the team to reach its full potential, the Rowdies involvement is imperative.
“We need to make this year crazy like in years past,” Aigner said. “The games need to be fun and more students need to get involved.”
Many have suggested setting up meetings or even pep rallies to get the students more centralized in their chants and to practice “getting rowdy,” allowing students to be better prepared and not lackadaisical in their chants.
The games taking place the next couple months will be more organized and even louder than last year thanks to student involvement.
Let’s get Rowdy St. Thomas.