Buffalo Wild Wings
The Sides:
The French fries and potato wedges are good; put queso on them for a real treat.
If celery counts as a side, it should be included here. Some fresh celery really is good with a bunch of wings. It’s contrast, people.
The Wings:
There is a great range of spice and flavor in their sauce selection. Their buffalo sauce is good, but I’d get something like the Parmesan Garlic or Honey Barbecue, too. If I feel like ruining my appetite, I’ll occasionally venture into the Blazin’ territory before regretting that decision in about an hour.
The wings’ quality vary depending on what store you go to, when you go, etc., but they are generally very solid wings that are anywhere from decent sized to huge. Overall, I’d say they are slightly above average.
The Price:
For 15 wings: about $15.00
For the appetizer sampler: $12.00
French fry basket: $4.00
Overall experience:
Okay, obviously Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t fine dining. It’s the place I go to when I want wings, and not much more than that. It’s just a solid corporate wing place. It is no Pluckers however…
The Sides:
Mac and cheese- This is the best mac and cheese that I can remember getting at a restaurant, let alone a wing place. If you enjoy this, you can order some fried mac and cheese balls for an appetizer.
The Wings:
The Buffalo sauce is alright, but the absolute best wing sauce I have ever tried is the Baker’s Gold. Just go there and get a basket of these. Their other flavors are good, but seriously, get Baker’s Gold.
They cook their wings practically perfect. If you order something like the ranch or spicy ranch wings that only have a seasoning and no sauce, you will really be able to tell how well they fry their wings.
The Price:
For 15 wings: about $16.00
For the appetizer sampler: $15.00
French Fry Basket: $4.50
Mac and Cheese: about $3.00
Overall the price is a bit higher than that of BWW.
Overall experience:
These are the best wings I’ve had in a long time, and definitely the best I’ve had in Houston up to this point.
In this versus scenario, Pluckers wins.