Eagle Broadcast Network starts new year with bang


by Michael Pizzitola
Eagle Staff

With every new year comes new changes. Starting Monday, Jan. 13, the St. Thomas Eagle Broadcasting Network went on the air for the first time in the school’s 114 year history.
This new network will now give students the opportunity to watch the morning announcements live, as if they were watching a news television station.
With the introduction of EBN, students no longer have to languish in their classrooms listening to long, repetitive and monotonous announcements, which have been a source of much frustration in previous years.
The morning programs are a lot like what one sees on news channels such as Fox News and KHOU, which should create a unique and more intriguing morning announcement experience.
In addition, students that missed the morning show will be able to go on the Internet and watch the individual broadcasts that they missed.
“We basically have a server which is going to be used as our own version of YouTube,” EBN adviser Lance Dundee said.
With this new server, EBN is capable of providing coverage for many things that take place around the school.
Now instead of hearing the results of events on the PA, there will be video coverage of each event similar to what one would see on a professional television network like KHOU.
With the new broadcasting network’s excellent marketing capabilities, clubs now have a wonderful opportunity to market themselves to potential members of the student body.
As a news station, EBN will be able to bring current news in an efficient and effective way.
In addition, EBN will be capable of producing a feature story on a teacher, big sporting event or student much faster and more efficiently than The Eagle newspaper can. Because of these efficient capabilities, EBN and The Eagle have plans to collaborate in the future.
“When I think of the newspaper, I imagine the stories being more detailed and thorough,” Dundee said. “The broadcasting station has the advantage of getting things out the next day and providing visuals. If you pair the two things together, the paper can give details of the specific story while we can give video.”
Eventually, the EBN will also get to have a lighter side by being able to show some of the many funny and entertaining events that take place on a daily basis.
These broadcasts will be comparable to senior Luke Gorski’s “Student Sampler” or the various comedic opinion articles by senior Brady Roth.
The release of this new form of media on campus has sparked the attention of many students.
Aside from the extremely overused Anchorman lines, the broadcasting network has been received quite well.
Students enjoy having a video component to morning announcements.
“I really have enjoyed seeing the morning announcements on the Eagle Broadcasting Network,” sophomore William Heck said. “The news is a little slow right now, but I look forward to seeing some funny bloopers once spring sports start.”
Other students are very impressed by the professional way the news anchors conducted themselves on set.
“I was really impressed with the first broacast and how great of a job [Collin Burwinkel and John Veach] did on the first day,” senior Ryan Manley said. “It looks like they have been doing this for years.”
What the student body is unaware of, however, is the tireless effort that goes on to create each broadcast.
There is a team of students that work behind the scenes to provide script prompts, manage the set, work the camaras and much more just to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
“It’s not just John and I running the whole show,” senior anchor Collin Burwinkel said. “It really does take a lot of time and effort from everyone on set to make the broadcast air.”
Burwinkel is proud to be a trailblazer for the change of tradition he will help establish on campus due in part to EBN.
“It’s actually pretty cool to think that we have started our own tradition at St. Thomas,” Burwinkel said. “John and I are the first of many news anchors to come; it’s pretty incredible to realize that.”
Eagle Broadcasting Network is truly a revolutionary new form of media that will continue to progress the forms of media on campus for years to come.
It has been received very well by students, and it will continue to get better as the anchormen get more accustomed to reading the news and as more interesting stories are presented.