Freshmen reflect on first semester of class, experiences


by Collin Burwinkel
Eagle Staff

The transformation from middle school to high school can be a difficult transition. This progression is filled with a collection of emotions, such as nervousness, anxiety and in some cases, even panic.
Every student at one point or another has had to undergo this shift and remembers the feeling of walking into school doors on that first day.
As the year progresses, students’ original thoughts begin to change. Now that freshmen have been here half a semester, their thoughts now are different from their original ones.
“I don’t think high school is easy, but its definitely not as hard as I thought It would be,” freshman Trey Gordon said.
An overload of work was a widespread thought of incoming freshmen.
The fear of strict teachers and intense workloads can cause many students to feel anxious about classes.
“I thought the teachers were going to be different, but they’re better than I thought they would be,”  freshman Mason Palmer said. Out of a score of ten, I would give St. Thomas a 9.5.”
These fears of crazy amounts of homework are quickly quelled, as the St. Thomas workload is revealed to be quite manageable.
Many of the students in the freshmen class had to decide if St. Thomas was going to be the right fit from them by choosing between other similar schools such as Strake Jesuit or schools their siblings went to.
“My sister told me about how high school was going to be,” Gordon said. “She has already graduated from school.”
One of the “worst” things about St. Thomas is the fact that there are no girls enrolled. – That’s what the original thought was at least.
“They are usually here after school and at lunch sometimes,” Palmer said. “The whole no girl thing hasn’t been that bad.”
The added plus of having a brotherhood that instills in students a solid education that focuses around core religious beliefs is something not every school offers.
While receiving a considerable amount of college prep education is important, some freshmen find the amount they’re doing now more challenging than ever before.
“I have like no free time,” freshman Cole Daly said. “I am involved in some stuff and overworked a bit.”
While the workload is more challenging, students are beginning to understand how to manage it better.
“My favorite class is Adv. Biology” Gordon said. “I’m doing better in that class and I like Dr. Nordloh too.”
A large portion of the freshmen class was scared of finals because they did not know what to expect.
“Some of my finals were easy, some were hard,” Daly said. “I am just happy I didn’t fail anything.”
As freshmen have gone through a couple of months of high school, they feel adequate to offer advice to incoming freshmen for next years class.
“Learn how to study and how to be focused,” Gordon said. “Manage your time and be focused.””
In the end, a majority of the frehsmem class will cherish their freshmen year and other years to follow.
“St. Thomas is much different from what I thought it was going to be and now that I look back on my time here, I’m happy I came here,” senior Nick Spedale said.
Even though freshman hear horror stories of what St. Thomas is like, after the first semester of classs, the fish can all agree that being an Eagle is not all that bad.