From Eagle to rap artist: K-Trilla


Khalil Hicks-Perry is making himself known among Houston teens as rapper K-Trilla.

He has been freestyling for a while now but has started recording this past summer. About a month ago, K-Trilla released his first single to the public on his SoundCloud account and unveiled his musical talent. This single, “Codiene Sippa,” has gained the most respect and liking out of his existing tracks, as its hard hitting beat entices listeners from the start. Despite being a local artist, his flow and lyrics are unique and worth listening to.


On his other songs, there is evidence of much influence of Houston in his sound especially with the screw vocals. “Soulja Boy, A$AP Rocky, UGK, Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J inspire me,” K-Trilla said. “My music would be trippy with the trill, Houston sound.” K-Trilla has started to gain some popularity and recognition since he started to post his music onto SoundCloud. He currently has about eight personally posted songs with an accumulative view totaling more than 4,500. They all have a lot of great potential and should be given a listen.
“I really want people to jam my music, get hype to and jam in the car.”
-Khalil “K-Trilla” Hicks-Perry
Some tracks include features from other rappers in Royale, but K-Trilla also reposts other songs that he features on. Royale is the thirteen member rap group that K-Trilla is a part of. Every Thursday, he visits the recording studio, composes a song and releases it. The fact that he is still in high school and productively makes music is impressive and inspiring.


Khalil’s presence on campus still lives on through his friends and music. On multiple tracks, he gives shout outs to Houston and St. Thomas as well as Royale.
“My songs are always for my STH bros. Sorry I couldn’t stay there anymore, but I won’t let y’all down with the music.”
-Khalil “K-Trilla” Hicks-Perry
Khalil is missed among students, but we are all applauding and supporting him as he goes on his next journey. If you want to keep up with his music, follow him
on SoundCloud @K-Trilla and Twitter @KhalilHPerry. Every Thursday, K-Trilla releases a new song for the weekly #trillathursday.