Laptops a must on campus

To the Editor:
Everybody knows that the tablets are a joke for school-related purposes.
As far as tablet use goes in the average class, there are probably a handful of students taking notes and the rest are playing games.
When I want to take notes, I find the tablets to be an extreme pain to use because of the lack of a good word processor.
I believe that the use of personal laptops should become acceptable in all classrooms.
A lot of students already bring their laptops anyway, but not all teachers approve of them.
Yes, the use of games is possible on a laptop, but it is a lot harder to hide them like on a tablet.
Yes, you can browse the web and get distracted, but this is true for the tablet as well.
There are not really a whole lot of downsides to being allowed to use personal computers in the classroom, and the upsides are monumental.
Laptops would encourage students to take notes and teachers might be able to regain their classrooms from the obsession with tablet games.
George Wilkinson