New PS4 lacks luster, while Xbox One shines



Swift controls, on point graphics, adrenaline rushes. The new Xbox One debuted with the advent of the next gaming generation.

Two consoles have risen from the ashes of their predecessors: The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. With the PS4 being a hundred dollars cheaper, it has greatly out-sold the Xbox One, despite the fact that the PS4 is far less flexible.

The Xbox One has been sold to us by Microsoft as an “entertainment system,” rather than a video game system. The Xbox One has transcended the video game system moniker, slapping Sony in the face with it’s fresh and new look.

With the One, you can watch your favorite television shows by plugging in your cable or satellite receiver. It acts as DVR device, allowing you to pause and rewind live television, it also can record television shows by syncing with your current DVR. You can also stream over the internet what you are watching or playing with All of this is coupled by the ability to watch movies and other shows through Netflix and Hulu. The PS4 lacks many of these options and is still primarily a video game system.

The PS4, which came out not too long ago, lacks the wide selection of games that the  Xbox One offers. On the One, you can socialize and interact with friends easier. Despite the One’s wider game section, it still falls frustratingly  short of a true gaming system. Why? One thing hindering both systems is the lack of games currently released, this is even worse for a system whose selling point is still just video games.

However, the men at Microsoft have reluctantly changed their controversial indie game policy, allowing independent game developers to publish their games for Microsoft without an official publisher. Hopefully this swift and praised move by Microsoft will cause an influx of games in coming weeks.

Another selling point is the Kinect device that comes standard with each Xbox One, rather than something that you have to buy externally from the package (like the PS4). The Kinect was considered lackluster last generation, with only a small population of gamers actually using their Kinects. Knowing this, Microsoft has definitely picked up their game.

The new Kinect is responsive to both motion and sound control and allows you to maneuver through the One’s menus with just your voice. While the Xbox One only has a few games so far, the announced titles for the console look promising, and the new entertainment control features make it a great buy.