School must remove bump that damages vehicles


by Josh Mitford

Eagle Editorial Board

Safety has always been something that the school is concerned with. Students in recent years have seen safety devices such as AEDs, upgraded fire systems and the new video surveillance system installed for increased student safety. Recently, the school took that concern a step further and added new speed bumps to the campus, located directly adjacent to the parking garage. Speed bumps have always been a part of the campus, but the new bumps are already causing negative feedback amongst many students. Most speed bumps are designed to subtly reduce the speed of cars to keep both pedestrians and other motorists safe. For most students who drive on campus the bumps are rarely noticed, but serve the purpose they were intended for.

Unlike the other speed safety devices located around campus, those installed near the parking garage are comparable to large mountains. Students were welcomed back from the Christmas break with a shock as they went over the new bumps. Driving at speeds normally acceptable for the other bumps, students were thrown half way up their seat going over the new bumps. Many students in recent days have complained of having to go as far as to pull over and inspect their suspension as the bumps are so abrupt. The problem with new speed bumps is that they are too large for the average car to go over. Most speed “humps” are exactly that. They are curved for a smooth ride yet still capable of serving their purpose of reducing speeds. Contrasting the “hump” design, the newly installed bumps are shaped more like a horseshoe, having steep drop offs on the sides and a small curve on the top. As proof that these bumps are already causing destruction of property, just take a look at them. When first installed the paint was shiny and gleaming, now the bumps are covered with scrapes and scratches from the underside of student’s cars. Junior Alex Hubbard knows first-hand how poorly designed the bumps are, “The first two days back to school I went over the speed bumps and both times my car bottomed out, the second time the bumps tore the splash guards right out from under my car”. After contacting the administration, Hubbard was told he was at fault and they would NOT reimburse him to the damage done on his BMW. For those who drive large trucks, they too, have complained of the new bumps being too high and making their vehicles suspension suffer.

The schools concern for safety is something that will never cease. But at what point does the concern for that safety end up only causing a hazard? The new speed bumps are installed for the safety of the students. But when the bumps themselves shake the cab of an F-250 WITH a lift kit, the time has come to reconsider the newly installed speed devices. Male adolescents will always crave speed, hence the campus will always need those essential speed bumps to keep us from recreating the Fast & furious on campus. But “speed mountains” are something the campus can do without, after all this is Texas, not Colorado.