Round-Up season embodies brotherhood


by Tristan Niedermeier

Eagle Staff

As the school year progresses students are eager for Round-Up season.
Students are anticipating the Fridays off, short schedules, pep rallies and helping out their eagle brothers.
The tradition of Round-Up started out as a bazaar for the school and community, but became more for the students’ enjoyment over the years.
Round-Up funds that are raised help students significantly who rely on financial aid to go to this school.
Many of our eagle brothers are on financial aid and this event helps them so much to be able to receive an education here.
Having this event to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to enable our Eagle brothers to receive the same great education that we receive is something truly extraordinary and unique to our school.
The feeling of raising money for fellow students have really motivated us to raise money, but over the years other motivations have arisen, such as Fridays off.
The incentive to get Fridays off really pushed students to raise more money every year.
The amount of money students have to raise increases every year.
Last year students raised a whopping $420,000 but students usually go above and beyond as the years go by.
This year the goal is $350,000. An easily attainable goal for our school.
This is lower than last years goal but on top of the hype that is made for the record the student body will surpass that goal.
As of this year, the quotas are going from 240 dollars to 300 dollars.
The advantage of this is that it will be easier to break the previous record and raise more money for students on financial aid.
The pep rallies are one the few events leading up to round up that students enjoy a lot. During the pep rallies, the funny, short videos are shown.
These videos really pump up the student body to raise money an break the goal.
The plot for the videos vary year by year, but every year they are witty and funny. I tend to chuckle every year with them.
I truly enjoy the videos every year. On YouTube, previous years’ videos can be found, and you can get a perception on how much work goes into them.
Last year the theme was a mixture of Indiana Jones and Batman the Dark Knight Rises.
Battle of the Theology teachers took place last year between Indiana Johnson, played by Casey Johnson, and Krane played by Joe Kral.
The plot for last year’s video was extremely funny. The students had fun taking part in the videos and watching them.
Students look forward to see what theme and hysterical videos are to come this year.
The main purpose for Round-Up is not for the days off or the pep rallies, but its to help out our community.
And that is something that we can never lose track of.