Special Edition: Q&A with Brady “Brody” Roth



Q: Why am I scared of you whenever I see you in the hallways?

A: This is a normal feeling to come across when you look at me straight in the eyes. I do not consider myself a scary person, but I have done some messed up stuff. I do not try to scare anyone except for the freshmen.
Q:How do you get the ladies? You are a God amongst boys in this category and I am curious to know how you excel at this in such a high level.
A: While this is accurate, I think it is an understatement. However, I will be truthful in that I get the ladies because of my looks. My dreamy appearance linked with my rugged lifestyle is an enticing combination that always leads to success.
Q: Will I ever be as great as you?
A:No. This is a feat that many have tried to accomplish but everyone has failed.
Q:What is your greatest fear in life and why?
A: Most people would say that they are scared of heights, spiders or something like that; in reality I am extremely scared of myself. I know that I have the strength of ten men, and this makes me shake in my boots.
Q: What is the fastest mammal?
A: The fastest mammal is indeed the cheetah which can travel at a top speed of 71 miles-per-hour.