True fans show pride through tough times


by Carson Storie
Eagle Staff

In the world of sports, there are three basic types of fans: true fans, fair-weather fans and  band wagoners.
Every year, it seems that some students become huge fans of the teams that are dominating the sports world.
These students, who seem completely sincere in their pride, are band wagoners and they are nothing close to true fans.
It is easy to tell who true fans are. They support their team in good times and in bad times, no matter what the cost is.
Even if they are completely off base in their arguments, they will never admit that their team is a lost cause.
Even in a season without a single win, true fans have hope for the next year.
A lot of the time it is a simple case of students being fans of a team, but not expressing it until that team starts winning and receiving recognition for its success.
These fans are more like a subdivision of true fans, only coming out of hiding when the sun is shining, so to speak.
They are fans, but they just do not show it all the time, which therefore does not  designate them as true ones.
In the weeks before the Christmas break, one student was parading Florida State gear around school and claiming Jameis Winston was his role model.
 I know for a fact that this student was a fan of FSU years ago, but I had never seen him at this level of devotion.
Fair weather fans are another thing entirely and are perhaps my second least favorite.
They love the team when things are going well, but they jump ship as soon as things go south.
A perfect example of this is Texans fans. Last year and the year before last, the Texans won their division and had considerable success.
Everyone loved Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak.
People were actually using the word “elite” to describe Schaub. If you said that today, you would get a crowd of people mobbing you and calling you dumb for even beginning to say that.
This year, those same fans expected the Texans to be Super Bowl contenders.
Instead, the team lost fourteen games and had one of the worst records in the league.
People actually got enthusiastic and cheered when Schaub got injured and were overjoyed when Kubiak was fired.
These people are not true fans. They only liked the Texans when they win.
Now we get to bandwagoners, the complete opposite of a true fan and usually the most annoying and hated person in the sports world for fans.
Band wagoners are similar to fair-weather fans, except they do not necessarily jump ship.
A band wagoner is not considered a fan of a team when the season begins, but by the end of the season, he/she is the biggest fan of that team.
Band wagoners choose what teams they like based on their success. This is usually seen with whatever team is number one in the country.
All of a sudden, guys are cheering for that one team like they have been fans their entire lives.
When that team starts to play poorly or fades out of the competition, band wagoners do not start hating on that team like fair weather fans.
Instead, they find the new best team and jump on the bandwagon.
They pretend never to have been fans of the first team and claim to be the biggest fans of that new team, and so the cycle continues.
I encourage you to stay on board, through thick and thin, because in the end, it will be worth it.