World War Tablet: beat your teacher’s motives


by Worth Beard
Eagle Staff

There is an epidemic infecting the halls of this campus: a tablet epidemic.
From the beginning, the prospect of having an ASUS Transformer tablet  at school caused a tidal wave speculation, positive and negative, on how these extraordinary and revolutionary devices would change the way students learn and interact in everyday school life.
The tablets have endless opportunities for learning and communicating with fellow students.
Applications like Google Drive and Pocket Organizer allow students to use their time effectively and maintain their grades. Unfortunately, many students do not use their time as effectively as first predicted.
Since that day, students have occupied themselves with games and not homework, Imgur and not research.
Not only have these fantastic devices hurt students’ grades, but they have also changed the traditional school day in a way that can never be fixed. Or can it?
This infection nestles itself into the nucleus of a single student’s body and effectively takes over the brain and mind of this poor soul.
The slow progression of the tablet infection first starts to travel to another couple of students, tempting them to devilish games instead of paying attention in class, or paying attention in general.
Then, other students start to see their classmates participating in this tomfoolery and other weak minds in the room are now tempted by games such as Candy Crush and Injustice. Just as their peers, they begin to take on these same bad habits.
The tablet illness then starts to affect the teacher. They begin banning them, in a poor attempt to beat down the impending plague. But then something happens.
They realize the best part of it all: teaching the kids a lesson. The teachers can see their students heading towards their ultimate downfall.
They know the repercussions of missing out on the plethora of information that their classes hold.
The teachers therefore cannot help but smile at the prospect of teaching their students something that they will never be able to forget: failing their class.
So, are you going to let the teachers get their way? Think about why we started playing games on our tablets.
All we wanted to do was get away from the lectures.
But guess what! You are actually increasing the teacher’s role in providing the knowledge necessary for success in the future.
Do you actually want that? Of course not! So stop playing games and show those pesky, sneaky teachers a lesson!
Once students stop playing games, the tablet infection will slowly dissipate, and the school will be back to its boring traditional roots.
With the disappearance of games on the ASUS Transformer tablets, students would be able to declare their victory over their teachers’ manipulative motives, and move on to success in all their classes.