Cash, McCrory make SportsCenter headlines


mccrory_aug_insertby Max Machiorlette
Eagle Staff

The start of the school year has brought an end to an action packed summer for many of our Eagle brothers.

Senior Clay McCrory and junior Cameron Cash sparked some serious face-time on the widely known ESPN SportsCenter.

McCrory, who was featured on the SportsCenter Top 10, and Cash, who participated in the Senior League World Series, both represented the Catholic and St. Thomas community across millions of viewers.

McCrory participated in the Jr. PGA Championship in Bryan College Station at Miramont Country Club and was ecstatic when he heard the news of his number 3 appearance on SC Top 10.

“Being on the Top 10 was awesome,” McCrory said. “I have watched SportsCenter for a long time and I never imagined being on the Top 10.”

McCrory was just as surprised that he made the shot as his competitors were.

“When I hit the shot I did not think it was going in,” McCrory said. “It felt good but nothing special.”

This seemingly “nothing special” shot turned out to be a 130-yard eagle into the pin. McCrory will enter this upcoming season on a positive note and will soon be looking forward to commit to play at the collegiate level.

Cash, already a state champion took his talents this summer to Bangor, Maine, and helped win West University’s second Senior League World Series in five years.

“The experience was really fun, it was a great trip up to Maine, and winning made it better,” Cash said.

With the Eagle baseball team reaching its feat of 23 State Championships, the team and Cash are looking to repeat.

“I feel more prepared for the upcoming season because I have now played against some of the best 16-year-olds in the world and am now ready to pitch for St. Thomas.”

Cash’s spotlight in the Senior League World Series will carry with him through this upcoming season and future endeavors.

McCrory’s appearance on ESPN and Cash’s Senior League World series experience have both exemplified the effort and commitment that the St. Thomas community preaches.