24-hour tablet punishment is counter productive


By Staff Editorials
Eagle Staff

Two years ago, tablets became a require supplement to our education. Since then, they have helped

students with homework, preparing for tests and much more.

However, tablets can be used in many prohibited ways as well. Prohibited ways range from games to


There are many programs used to block such prohibited ways, but students can find ways around


When caught using tablets in a prohibited way, a student’s tablet is brought to the dean’s office.

There, the tablet will be held for twenty-four hours. Taking the tablet away for twenty-four hours is

counter productive.

A student may be using his tablet inappropriately but it still is core to a multitude of classes. A

student may have to take a quiz or test on a tablet after getting his tablet picked up. A student should

not have to receive a zero because of such a dumb mistake.

Students may also need tablets for homework that night. Many students do not own computers and

may need tablet at night. Because of a student’s small mistake, it is possible he could suffer in every


After being caught using the tablet inappropriately, the tablet should be taken up and given to the

student at the end of class. Tablets should be used as a learning tool rather than a punishment.