Fish Week comes again, exceeds expectations


By Cameron Cash
Eagle Staff

Fish Week is a long standing tradition at St. Thomas. The purpose of Fish Week is to initiate

freshman into the St. Thomas brotherhood by participating in activities such as the “Minute to Win

It” games at lunch and the ever popular “Dress Up Your Fish Day.”

Through these activities, the freshmen are initiated into the brotherhood that is St. Thomas. Every

senior is assigned a freshman, and throughout the week the two bond and grow closer together.

Leading up to the week, many of the fish were apprehensive about the upcoming week.

“I thought my beanie was going to get snapped a lot,” freshman Tristan Fauntleroy said.

The week started off slowly with a meeting for both the freshman and seniors after school on Monday.

The freshman met their seniors the next morning, Tuesday, Aug 19, and then both classes went to a

prayer service followed by a breakfast. During lunch throughout the week there were activities, such

as the twerk contest, the frozen T-shirt contest and the pie eating contest.

“[The activities] are actually pretty fun,” freshman Patrick Bartlett said. “I think more people should


Thursday rolled around and the most anticipated day of the week began: Dress-Up Your Fish Day.

When students looked around the school Thursday, they could see anything from Chief Keef to a

group of minions from Despicable Me.

One theme that stood out this year is how willing the freshman are to participate in all of the

lunchtime games and dress up activities.

“The freshman this year are more than willing to partake in all the stuff at lunch and dressing,” senior

John Ganucheau said. “Fish week really went well because the freshmen are participating and

because our senior class is making it more fun for them.”

“I was not very close to my senior,” junior Matthew Ashbaugh said. “I remember talking to him the

morning we were assigned together but after that, I did not talk to him nor see him very much. He

pretty much left me alone which was nice sometimes but at the same time, it made Fish Week not

near as fun as it could have been.”

Although for Ashbaugh Fish Week was not very memorable, it has been different this year for the


The senior class has been taking steps to include the freshman and introduce them into St. Thomas.

“It’s pretty fun, having all the seniors, because I know most of them,” said freshman Barrett Gregory.

Although Fish Week may be perceived as simple bullying of the freshman by the seniors, it is more

about the bond that grows between the two classes over a week of fun and games.

“I think everyone should participate in Fish Week,” Fauntleroy said.

Fish Week is one of the oldest and most anticipated traditions at St. Thomas, because the oldest class

gets to show the newest class the ways of St.Thomas.