Governor Perry stands up for Texas


Hetmaniak GrayscaleBy John Hetmaniak
Eagle Staff

The State of Texas is without a doubt one of the

most unique states.

The first most prominent feature is the state’s

size. It is the second largest in the country,


over 268,000 square miles.

It is bigger than many countries and larger than any country in Europe.

With large amounts of territory, a superior economy and abundant natural resources, Texas is the

home to over 25 million people.

We also are home to some of the premier institutes of higher education in the country.

Texas is undoubtedly an awesome place to live. However, one of the most unique aspects of Texas is

its governor, Rick Perry.

Having no term limits, much power and much pressure, Perry has a special job. Regardless, in the

twilight of his career, Texas Governor Rick Perry is in the hot seat once again.

In the past four years, Perry has been under the microscope of public media more than in his entire

14 years as governor.

Perry’s biggest media interface for the most recent occurrence was during his attempt for presidency

in the 2012 election primary.

However, Governor Perry is back in the spotlight for being accused with an indictment. Perry was

indicted on two counts of abuse of power on August 16.

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was accused, after a 911 call by a civilian, of

putting others in danger by swerving and driving recklessly.

Many civilian drivers’ lives were at risk. Turns out that while in custody, the DA was found to be

intoxicated three times over the legal limit in Texas.

While she was held in custody, she violently acted out against law officers by lashing out and

punching them.

She had to forcefully be held down by law officers; all of this is on video.

Lehmberg had no business being on Texas highways drunk and endangering civilians.

Therefore, due to her dangerous and life threatening actions, a consequence had to be meted out. The

person who took action was none other than the Texas Governor, Rick Perry.

Perry did the most honorable thing and asked Rosemary to resign.

It is the duty of Perry to have the best interest of Texans in mind and he absolutely did.

Governor Perry had the safety of the people of Texas in mind when he took action to ask the DA to


Perry had full authority under the Texas Constitution for his actions.

He appropriately used the “line item veto power to defund the Public Integrity Unit.”

Perry simply was looking out for the safety of fellow civilians.

However, the media swarmed in on the situation to ultimately make the governor appear as if he were

an Evil Person.

It is important to research a situation before being trapped by the many lies of the mainstream media.

Governor Perry stood up for what was right, but most importantly, he stood up for Texas.