New dress code for masses stifles style


Tristan GrayscaleBy Tristan Niedermeier
Eagle Editorial Board

As students gather in Cemo Auditorium for the first all school mass of the year, many would think we

all look exactly the same, and we do. All the students wearing white dress shirts makes it seem as if

they are identical and there is no individuality.

The bright colored ties and dress shirts are over. Preppy ties that many students like wearing will

have to go back in the closet to rot.

The new, and not favored, rule that started this year is a mandatory white shirt and a red tie. The

dress code has been lax the last few years but the new standard is heavily enforced.

As stated in the student handbook for this school year, “Regular dress with the addition of a dress

shirt and tie. No hoodies are allowed during mass.” The new rule does not appear in the 2014-15

edition of the student handbook.

Unless the school changes this rule in the near future, I do not see why this cannot be open for further


It is unfortunate for the students who received a detention for not following this rule because they

could have pleaded their case if they just read then handbook.

With this new rule, students lose their ability to wear colorful ties and dress shirts that most students

prefer at school.

The rule is too overbearing and does not allow us to express ourselves and our taste in clothing.

As a student body, students should be able to wear the clothes we want as long as it follows the basic

dress code such as khakis, collard shirts and brown or black dress shoes. Our mass dress code is

seemingly a mirror of the dress code football players have to wear on game day at school.

Students enjoy wearing colorful ties with characters or designs. The newly enacted rule impedes our

ability to have a choice of what we want to wear, considering there are already guidelines to what we

must wear.

I personally enjoy going to my closet and picking out what I am going to wear for that day.

Although we have very few mass days, it is bothersome to wear a white shirt and red tie. We all look

the same and there is no diversity in the clothing we wear for mass.

Diversity in the way students dress is important because it allows students to wear the clothes they

want. It expresses who they are.