New year brings new hopes for senior privileges


By William Meyers
Section Editor

Senior privileges are a tradition at St. Thomas. After eating cafeteria food and waiting in line for the

last three years, seniors are thrilled with earning their privileges.

Seniors are typically allowed to have off-campus lunches, skip to the front in the cafeteria lines and

are given certain dress down days. However, the seniors must show that they are mature and

responsible before they can receive their privileges.

This rule has been enacted because of seniors tendency to be lazy towards the end of the school year.

Last year’s senior class was particularly lazy, and a great many of them had their senior privileges

taken from them during the last quarter of their senior year for failing classes.

“Each year the administration looks at the senior privilege request on a case by basis depending on

the maturity, compliance and the obedience by the senior class,” Dean of Students Tim Clarkson said,

“as we base each year’s decision on knowing how well the seniors are going to handle freedoms.”

Every senior must complete a Magnus form in order to be able to leave campus and eat a great meal

at the highly sought after Five Guys. This is actually very important because St. Thomas can be held

liable for any accident that occurs off campus. The Magnus form also allows all of the seniors parents

to be informed of their sons privilege to go off school campus.

In addition to the typical privileges of off-campus lunch, dress down days and skipping the lunch line,

the Student Council has proposed the following ideas for Senior privileges.

Seniors, as incentive to stay on campus for lunch and support Sage Dining, will have the privilege of

the faculty discount when purchasing food in the cafeteria. Seniors are allowed to skip breakfast and

lunch lines. Seniors may listen to music through headphones in their study hall.

On Fridays, seniors can wear their senior shirt with walking shorts/jeans and tennis shoes.

Seniors that take AP classes, on the day of their AP exam, are dismissed from school when the exam is

over. Typically, students are studying the night before an AP exam and do not have time to focus on

work for other classes. Seniors are allowed to exempt certain classes for their mid-term exams.

On days of home football games, seniors may show up to school in the dress for the theme night, and

the senior lounge allows seniors to hang out and relax with other seniors in Mary Moody.