Senioral advice on attracting attention of females


By Will Doheny
Eagle Staff

As a freshman there are many things to worry about, like whether you look cool, whether you will do

well in high school, whether you will make it through Fish Week or even how you will meet girls.

I cannot help you with the first three but the last one can be taught to even the least social members

of the freshman class.

Freshman year is a time of social outreach, it is the first year of high school and it is important to

establish a firm female friend base. The school-organized dances are an easy way to meet girls.

There are two elements to your game that you need to adapt now that you will be attending high

school dances.

First, attitude; you go to St. Thomas so you need to act like it. Whether they like it or not, guys from

other schools are not as good as you. You need to act like you own them, but in a respectful way as


Your attitude towards girls needs to change as well. In middle school you asked a girl to go out with

you and all you did was sit with her at the lunch table or something, this is high school, girls are

maturing and they want to be treated like women.

You need to be confident when talking to girls, if you hesitate they will lose interest and any hope of

securing those digits goes out the window.

You need to actually approach and talk to girls. To do this you need to bring her to a place where you

can hear each other. Try to grab some of your friends and some of her friends and hang out with them

in a more private setting.

Then as you get to know each other more and you think she is actually interested in you ask her to

dance. Take her by the hand and lead her on to the dance floor and proceed to dance in a respectful


When the dance is over or when she decides to leave say something like, “Can I get your number?” or

“We should hang out sometime.” Her number provides you with a way to know what her and her

friends are doing on a regular basis, giving you more opportunities for you to pick up girls.

The clothes you bought for school also give you an advantage when picking up girls at high school

dances. The clothing you wear to dances does fall into the “frat attire” category, this means that you

need to wear those wranglers and that Polo shirt you made your mom go and get you.

The simple fact is the nicer you are dressed the more girls will notice you.

However, this does not mean that you wear your dad’s tux that is four inches too big just to pick up


Once a girl or group of girls has noticed you, employ the attitude that was explained earlier in this

article watch as the numbers, Snapchats and Instagram follow requests roll in.

Freshman dances are made out to be fun ways to meet people and they can be. However you came to

high school to meet girls and dances are proving grounds where the St. Thomas man is king. If you

elevate your game by addressing your attitude and attire you will carry on the St. Thomas tradition of

spitting game at a level unparalleled by another school.