St. Thomas High School Brotherhood


St. Thomas High School Brotherhood

To the Editor:

One of best things about St. Thomas is the sense of brotherhood throughout the students. Being in

my senior year, I have come to realize that everybody is friends with everybody. I feel like it is a

very unique quality that makes our school stand out from the rest.

William Kinney


Speed bump

To the editor:

I still believe the school should get rid of the speed bump between the Basilan residence and parking

garage. Going over it every day can be quite a bother.

Michael Armstrong


Work Load

To the Editor:

Day in day out, we are always working. Even kids with no extracurricular activities stay up doing

homework. Then, there are kids who don’t get home till 7 at night and stay up till two in the morning

then wake up at 6 in the morning. It causes us to fall asleep in class, become lazier and be in a bad

mood. Many teachers give a reasonable amount of work whereas others give an overbearing amount.

Adrian Fonseca