Stealing food continues to be a problem


By Staff Editorial
Eagle Staff

Sage Dining started serving St. Thomas students last year. It has provided students with many

options of food, drinks and much more. Sage has definitely been an improvement over the past

service and most students enjoy it.

However, many students have taken advantage of Sage by stealing from the service. Some students

say they are doing it because prices are too high. Others are doing it even though they can afford it.

It is odd that at a school as prestigious as St. Thomas, students would even have a thought of stealing

food. We have been taught great morals here and many do not follow those values.

Not only is stealing illegal but it is against the St. Thomas motto of goodness, discipline and

knowledge. Stealing damages our relationship with the faculty at our school. Administrators as well

as students are likely to look down on those who do. Sage Dining does not work every day so that

students can steal from them.