Take advantage of Walk-a-thon


By Staff Editorial
Eagle Staff

Walk-a-thon is one of the many events at St. Thomas that students love. Walk-a-thon is held annually at

St. Thomas.

It consists of a walk around Buffalo Bayou and a reception with food and drinks for all who participated.

It gives students a chance to bond with one another as well as earn a great deal.

Walk-a-thon gives students a chance to become a silver member (25 dollars), a gold member (50


or a platinum member (100 dollars). With each level comes free events.

With some, a student can attend events such as TopGolf, paintball and even a rockets game.

The more a student pays, the more events he gets. Do not spend Walk-a-thon in the cafateria and

make sure not to miss out on this one chance we only have at the beginning of the year.