Visitors turned away for dress infractions


Huggins Grayscale

By Peter Huggins
Eagle Staff

The dress code is somewhat limited. Now, as if

that is not already restrictive enough, there is a

dress code for girls visiting campus.

The girls are required to wear jeans and a T-shirt

that covers up their shoulders.

The shoulder portion of the rule is completely understandable.

Everyday outfits should be modest and conservative, not racy and revealing.

However, the fact that girls have to wear jeans is a little over the top.

Dress codes help control the atmosphere and promote a sense of unity.

I have never heard of a dress code for visitors, especially a certain type of visitor.

If a guy came to lunch in shorts, he probably would not be turned away.

Not only is this rule unnecessary, it is a little sexist as well.

We live in Houston, and we are in the dog days of August, which are some of the hottest days of the


Also, it is not fair that visiting girls have to wear jeans; mothers can wear whatever they want.

It is almost like the school wants to discourage girls from coming to bring us lunch.

Personally, I like it when girls come to the school, and it would be nice if they would enjoy that

experience too.

It is not fair that a girl who bought lunch for one of us should be turned away when she had no idea

that the rule existed.

If this is going to be a rule, there should be some amount of tolerance.

By having a no tolerance policy, the school has caused many instances of girls wasting their time and


Lunch is one of the few times friends or family are allowed to visit students during the day.

It is not the visitors fault that they did not know the proper dress code. Girls who bring students

lunch and are not dressed properly should not be told to just leave.

However, there is a line that, as men, we are not supposed to cross.

The school telling girls what and what not to wear is a line that should not have been drawn.

In the real world, girls can wear whatever they want, but people will expect us to respect them


The school is giving us a crutch that won’t be provided in the real world. St. Thomas can not expect us

to act like men out in the real world when they treat us like children inside these walls.

We are the men of St. Thomas. This means a few things; one being that we have respect for women.

By making this rule, the school is making it seem as though we do not. Girls see this rule and make

the assumption that we have no self control. When asked about us, the girls will respond by telling

people about our perceived lack of self-control. This is a reputation that the school does not want to

project to the outside world.

So, as men of St. Thomas, we have the self control to have girls bring us lunch in regular, comfortable

clothes. Not jeans.