Senior Anhorn joins coaching staff


Varsity v Kinkaid GS (10)By Nick Borgman
Eagle Staff

The Eagle football team made a key addition this

offseason: Grant Anhorn.

“If you want the short version, its the Student

Assistant Coach” Anhorn said, “but the long

version is Student Assistant Special Teams


Anhorn offers a whole new mindset to the coaching staff, and this new dimension is just what the

Eagles need to take them all the way to the state championship this year.

This step forward in the chase for a ring has one peculiarity: Anhorn is a member of the student body.

Anhorn joined in time for spring ball by asking football coach and Dean of Students Tim Clarkson if

he needed help.

The answer was yes, but at a price: Grant would have to show up every day to practice.

“I never thought that he [Grant] would do it,” Clarkson said. “but when two-a-days started in the

spring he was there, and he started coming every day and he got himself a hat so he could look like

the coaches.”

At first, Anhorn wasn’t sure if he wanted to make the comitment.

“One day I asked coach Clarkson and he said I had to come to all the practices and I wasn’t going to

do it.”

But after a change of heart, Anhorn now is vital to the success of the program.

The daily schedule for the new coach consists of helping out in any way he can.

Anhorn is a jack of all trades, a Swiss army knife of coaching ability.

“I mean he’s the Duct tape of the team right now,” Clarkson said.

Grant’s biggest responsibility however is the management and personal coaching of star senior kicker

Jack Brady and star senior deep-snapper Eli Bacilla.

“I put him [Grant] in charge of Jack Brady and Eli Bacilla because they’re largely irresponsible and

cannot control themselves,” Clarkson said. “Grant is their boss”.

Because of his close-knit relationship with this dynamic duo, his coaching holds more depth on a

personal level.

“We are bros,” Anhorn said. “They would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them.”

Grant’s impact cannot be measured by statistics or even by what we see on the field. His legacy is the

impact he leaves on the young men of St. Thomas.

“Before Grant, I was just a kicker with a dream and a heart of gold. Now I have purpose,” senior Jack

Brady said, most famous for his stunning defeat of Strake Jesuit in the dwindling moments of the

2012 contest.

Another key part of the historic kick was Eli Bacilla.

“I’ve seen a lot of special teams coaches in my day. Coach G is easily in the top 243. He’s put me and

Jack in the incubator of success. When we hatch, we’ll be able to take our game to the next level,”

Bacilla said. “Before Coach G came around, my longest snap was 24 yards on a good day. Now, with

his expertise and work ethic, I can consistently snap 25 yards, no problem.”

Anhorn is a coach first, but he is also a friend to the players.

“I have a lot of friends, and to me, football is just such a camaraderie sport,” Anhorn said.

“For me, Grant is the reason I get out of bed in the morning,” Jordan Lawrence, star senior

linebacker, said. “Every time I make a hit the first person I look to on the sidelines is Grant”.