Abbot seeks political success


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By Eagle Staff

The State of Texas is very unique in the way it is

operated. It stands as one of the frontier states in

executing its actions. However, one of the most

unique aspects of the way Texas is run, is the

Governorship of Texas. The current Governor of

Texas, Rick Perry, assumed office on December 21, 2000. With approximately 14 years of leadership

as Governor, Rick Perry will finally leave the stage November 4, 2014. This end of a regime will bring

a new era of leadership to the state of Texas. This battle for governor ultimately comes down between

Wendy Davis, and Greg Abbott.

The Democratic nominee for the Governor of Texas is Wendy Russell Davis. Wendy was born in 1963

in Rhode Island as Daughter of Jean and Jerry Russell. She has a degree from TCU in English and a

degree in law from Harvard. After serving her duty as a Texas Senator, she announced to run for

Governor of Texas in October 2013. Davis is running her platform with a liberal agenda that promotes

gun control and further abortion rights to the state of Texas. She wants to accomplish the goal of

making Texas a “Blue State.” She hopes to bring the agendas proclaimed from the current

administration to Texas. This agenda is disliked by many Texans as the agendas come across as

limiting the freedom which we are given as US citizens. Davis has also earned dislike as a result from

very scandalous political ads and slogans. One of them indicates “Stand for Wendy” advocating the

fact that the opponent, Greg Abbott, can’t stand due to his medical impairment. The solution to the

issues proposed by the Davis platform can be avoided by the platform of none other than Greg


Gregory Wayne Abbott as a native, proud, and informed Texan plans to bring a whole new meaning

to Texas Governorship as the Republican candidate. Abbott was born in 1957 in Wichita Falls, Texas.

He holds a degree in Finance from the University of Texas and a degree in Law from Vanderbilt.

Abbot holds the duty of Attorney General of Texas, standing up for justice, and striving for equality.

Unfortunately, a terrible tragedy came into reality for Abbott in 1984. He was jogging when,

unexpectedly, an Oak Tree fell on him, damaging his spine. It is by God’s grace that he survived. He

has since recovered must use a wheelchair for movement. However, he has still summoned the

strength to run for Governor on a conservative platform embracing freedom, equality, and pro-life


The competition will be tough for the election of the new governor in November. Abbott will ensure a

solid victory due to his positive influences on Texas and Texas to make our home state a better place

to live. May God ensure a safe and fair election by blessing both of the competitors and their

supporters. And, most importantly, God bless Texas.