Austin City Limits projected to earn recognition as best festival in Texas


AUS_243_aspect16x9-650x365By Wendell Champion
Eagle Staff

If you have ever been to Summerfest you know

that is one experience that will be cherished

forever. The feeling of the bass dropping and the

hair on your arms sticking up and the inability to

even think because the constant sounds of screams going in and out of your ears.

Well, if you thought Summerfest was wild and you do not want to wait until summer, you can thank

me later because I am going to share a little secret with you. Summerfest is not the only music festival

living up to the motto “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

For those looking for a way to enjoy themselves during the St. Thomas football bye week, going to a

three day music festival is the way to go. It is only right that one top music festivals should be located

in Austin. Austin City Limits also known as ACL could be considered the most popular music festival

in Texas but with this popularity comes a lot of hype. Austin City Limits is so popular it is a two

weekend event on October 3-5 and October 10-12.

Austin City Limits started off living up to the hype with announcements of the artist that will be

performing throughout the three day event. If you are a person with a diverse taste in music then ACL

is definitely the way to go. Austin City Limits will have elite headliners such as Eminem, Outkast,

Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Childish Gambino, Major Lazer and many other popular artist to help

them live up to the hype. The popularity of ACL extends the limits of any other music festival in

Texas. To give you a sense of what I am talking about, ACL was capable of selling out in Weekend 1

and is close to in Weekend 2. So hurry up and purchase a ticket so you can experience going beyond

the limit at Austin City Limits.