Go big or go alone: Flare is paramount


Karch Calkins
By Eagle Staff

Go big or go home.Calkins Grayscale

If you are going to ask a girl to homecoming,

then you have to go all out, or you may get a


First, when asking, do something big.

One of the most common ways to “go big” is the

scavenger hunt.

To do this, first, make a list of clues for her to figure out that ultimately leads to you standing there

with a bunch of flowers, and then you simply ask, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

The other common option requires far less thought but still yields the same result.

First, make a giant banner that says, “Homecoming?”

Then set it up somewhere that she goes everyday, which will most likely be her front lawn.

Next, just wait there for her with flowers and be ready to get a date.

This guarantees a “yes” because she will be so taken back by your audacity and confidence.

If you want to go for the less sappy route and are aiming more to make her laugh, there are some


First, you need to lie on the floor with caution tape all around you and a chalk outline with your body

shape around it.

Then, make a sign that says, “I”m dying to take you to homecoming.”

This will will make her enough to make her say yes.

If you have a big budget, then you can fly to New York.

While there, you can get to the back of “Good Morning America” and simply hold up a sign that asks

her to homecoming.

Even if she does not like you, she will probably have some pity for you, but a yes is a yes, and that is

all that matters.

Asking big also gives the impression that you like her enough to put in all of this work that could

simply be done through seven words, which makes her want to go.

Never ask a girl out by text or by Twitter.

You will seem like a total loser and will most likely get shot down.

When going big, make sure not to come across as creepy by not taking no as answer.

Even though you put in all of this work, there is always a small chance she will say no, so just accept it

and move on.

Another plus of going big is that her expectations will be really high for homecoming and as a result,

she will be really excited and have a great time.

Her excitement will make your night a lot more fun as well.

If she has fun, then more than likely, you will have a good time and there is nothing worse than

having a date that does not want to be there because then you definitely will not have a good time.

Going big is not all its cracked up to be.

It requires a lot of effort, time and money. Simply asking a girl face to face most likely will get the job

done, but it will never hurt to go big.

Just remember, be confident and go all out. You will get a yes and have a great time.